What if I want to switch items in my subscription?

Switching is easy! 

You will want to start by adding any new items you wish to receive! Here's more details of how to add products to your monthly box:

  1. Log in to your DBC profile
  2. Go to "Subscriptions" tab
  3. Click on Add Products
  4. You can shop for new products much in the way you did when first joining (“Oils”, “Essentials”, "Shower Items", "Accelerators", or "Accessories").
  5. Find the one or more products you want to add to your subscription and click the "Add" button.
  6. When you’ve added everything that you need, just click “Checkout” and you will be taken to a confirmation page, where you have a chance to review the products you would like to add to your subscription starting on your next renewal. 
  7. If everything looks good you’re all set! Click “Confirm” and the products you have just selected will be added to and bill with your next box.
  8. After hitting "Confirm", you land on the "Subscriptions” tab in your profile where you will see the all the products you are now subscribed to.


Here's how you can remove products from your monthly box:

  1. Go to "Subscriptions” tab in your profile.
  2. Use the "Remove" button in line with each product to remove all units of a given product from your next box.
  3. Use the plus sign in the quantity column to increase the quantity of an item already in your subscription. 
  4. Use the minus sign in the quantity column to decrease the quantity of an item already in your subscription down to 1 (to remove the last unit of a product use the "Remove" button). 
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