Beard Oil

Beard oil is a cosmetic product used to moisturize the skin and beard in order to keep it soft, shiny, and smooth. It is meant to mimic natural oils produced by the skin, such as sebum, to help keep the facial hair and skin healthy. The essential oils hydrate the skin, and will help clear up or prevent irritation, beardruff, and itchiness. Additionally, it provides a perfect shine to your beard, helps shape your beard and lay it flat, and gives you that manly aroma that you’re looking for. While there are a number of high quality oils out there, there are just as many that you need to stay away from. Unlike those beard oils containing artificial scents, preservatives and harsh chemicals, our beard oil is 100% natural. We understand that our bodies are like sponges, and we absorb whatever is put onto our skin, so we know how important it is to feed our beards properly.

How to use: Beard oil should be applied first before any product. It is best to be used immediately after a shower when your pores are fully opened to absorb as much oil as possible, but can be used at any time of the day. Pour a dime to a quarter sized amount into your palm, based on the length and density of your beard. Rub the oil between your hands and evenly distribute it through the beard. Work the beard oil into the skin on your face, then through the hairs of your beard and mustache. Don’t forget about the underside of the beard coming up from the chin. You should soon get that manly aroma wafting into your nostrils and the perfect shine to your beard hairs. If you have any extra, throw it in your hair, your chest beard, or any dry parts of your body. After using the oil, run your comb through your beard to help detangle hairs and keep your beard tamed and in place. Recommended use is 1-2 times per day.

Check our "How to Apply Beard Oil" video here.

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