The wax is a stronghold for your beard and mustache.  The main ingredient in wax is beeswax (surprise, surprise), which is what will hold your mustache in place for eternity. Beeswax also has the benefit of sealing in the moisture and helping to repair your skin and hair. The shea butter mixed into the wax is to properly soothe and condition the hair as it’s applied. Lastly, essential oils moisturize and strengthen the hair and skin, as well as provide an attractive scent for any female within 50 yards of you. The wax will do an amazing job at taming and controlling your facial hair. The consistency is much thicker and heavier, so it takes a little bit of effort to get out, but it’s worth the work.

How to use: You'll want to use the back of your thumbnail in order to scoop no more than a pea sized amount of wax out. Remember, a little goes a long way. Now, between the fingertips of your index fingers, you'll want to apply pressure and create heat in order to slightly melt it and make it pliable. You should distribute the wax throughout the fingertips of the index and middle fingers, and the thumbs, and apply firmly to the mustache. Evenly distribute starting from under the nose, to the ends of the hairs in a light pulling motion. If the mustache is long enough, add just a little natural twist to the end to show it who's boss. Once you are satisfied with the hold on the mustache, use the remainder of the wax to tighten up the beard. First along the sides to calm the wilder hairs, and then in a light pulling motion in the middle underneath the chin in order to add additional length.

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