Beard balm is a pomade formed by mixing, heating and cooling moisturizers and sealants. It is typically made up of three main ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils. Shea butter conditions and moisturizes your skin, and has healing properties for your hair and face. Beeswax is the ingredient that holds and seals the moisture and repairs skin and hair. In addition, it helps to shape and style the hair. Lastly, the oils will help promote hair growth and maximum moisturization.


How to use: Based on length of your beard, you'll want to take about a fingertip sized blob on your finger, and rub it between your hands for distribution. From here, the application is pretty much the same as the oil. You'll want to rub it thoroughly through the beard and mustache, making sure it reaches the skin as well. This is heavier on the hair, so it will help with shaping and styling the beard as well, but is also great to moisturize and condition the beard and face. After the balm is applied, use the boar bristle brush to assist in styling and calming the hair, and to spread the balm throughout the entire beard. If applied generously and consistently, you will see improvement in your face bristles, and be on your way to the healthiest, strongest beard possible. And just as a warning, you’ll be fighting off those ladies left and right with the brilliant shine of your beard and tantalizing scent of cedarwood and lavender.

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